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Proven teaching methods based on how your brain actually works. You experience rapid comprehension

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Learn the Brain Based secrets of the whiz kids. Defeat the self sabatoge that has been holding you down and holding you back!

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Learn the essential skills you need for a lifetime of learning. The skills you need to improve your reading are hiding in plain sight

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New Information is your business lifeblood

New to take the upper hand on a wave of new information? Learn the skills that take your business comprehension to a new level


Learning to Learn

The strongest part of a building is a great foundation and the best way to build that foundation is to learn the fundemental skills of learning to learn.

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Brain Based Learning

gear headOur mission is to make learning easy and available for everyone using the fabulous Brain Based learning techniques developed by folks like Napaleon Hill, Howie Berg, and Hugh Cole and Howard Gardener (Harvard University). Brain Based methods replace old rote memory learning (which your brain hates) and shows you how to establish powerful emotional tags and connections between  information and your learning evntronment,

Whether You are a student wanting Better Grades, a business executive needing a more through comprehension of the subject mater or like me, someone who loves learning to remain vibrant and engaged with my environment … brain based learning opens a whole new potential.

Brain-Based learning is a comprehensive approach to instruction based on how current research  in neuroscience suggests our brain learns naturally. This theory is based on what we currently  know about the actual structure and function of the human brain at varying stages of development. This type of education provides a biologically driven framework for teaching and learning, and helps explain recurring learning behaviors. It is a meta-concept that includes and eclectic mix of techniques. Currently, these techniques stress allowing teachers to connect learning to students’ real life experiences. This form of learning also encompasses such educational concepts as:

  • mastery learning,
  • learning styles,
  • multiple intelligences,
  • cooperative learning,
  • practical simulations,
  • experiential learning,
  • problem-based learning,
  • movement education.